Before the purchase and download of sherrieJD products, please be aware of the Terms of Use for all of my designs. “Terms of Use” is a fancy way of saying where and how a copyrighted digital product can be used.

1. All sherriejd products are copyright protected and cannot be claimed as your own. For those images that are originally in the public domain, I still retain the rights to my version of the image. Before I provide any public domain images, I have modified, extracted, improved, enhanced, etc. the image and my version cannot be distributed freely.

2. Personal Use: My images may be used to create personal scrapbook pages, cards, art journal pages, etc. My images may also be used to create personal blog backgrounds. Images used on personal blogs should be in a flattened .jpg format and should be no larger than 100dpi. Credit is required if used on a personal blog.

3. Scrapper’s for Hire: My images may be used to create scrapbook pages, cards, announcements, etc. for the purpose of selling the flattened finished product to your INDIVIDUAL customer. My images may not be provided to your INDIVIDUAL customer on a digital collage sheet, as a jpeg file or as a .png file. The images must be incorporated into your final product and must be flattened into a printable .jpg format. . Selling mass produced products would fall under the Professional Artist heading. This means that my images may not be used to create what is commonly known as Quick Pages or Templates. Credit is not required, but is greatly appreciated. Images may be used on your Scrapper for Hire blog, but credit must be given.

4. Blogger for Hire: My images may not be used to create blogware for others. Images may not be sold or given away for free in any blogware design. If you are a Blog for Hire artist and interested in using my images, please contact me for an additional Licensing Fee.

5. Professional Artists: My images may be used to create your Art for Sale, such as original collages and finished prints. My images, under no circumstances, shall be used to create digital products that the customer can download, EVEN if incorporated into a flattened .jpg. This means that my images may not be used to create what is commonly known as Quick Pages or Templates or collage sheets using my images. Credit is not required, but appreciated.

Whichever category you fall into above,
* You are NOT allowed to redistribute any original file by any means for free or for sale. Images are not to be uploaded to 4share sites. Digital Designers may not use images in the creation of their kits or blogs, except for previously purchased Commercial Use products. Commercial Use products will no longer be sold as of Oct. 4, 2011.

TOU – modification date: Oct.4, 2011

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