SMASH* what the heck is that?

I don’t know, but take my picture with it.

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If you’ve ever kept a “junk” book, then this new line of journals might have been made just for you! In a round-about way, I discovered EkSuccess’s new line of SMASH products. Created in a cute and funky style, the journal products are great for gathering all the bits and pieces from around your studio and your (literal) desktop. I’ve collected ticket stubs, grocery lists in my mother’s handwriting, and my children’s very first doodles. The beauty of this type of journal is that the gathering process is as much fun as the collaging process without the concern of the final “perfect” results. Now the problem is that I want ever single new item in their line. Where is that money genie when I need her?

To purchase your very own SMASH*ing products check out the EkSuccess website. Although, I have to warn you, sadly, that the Pink and the Retro Blue journals are on back-order until 8/24. I always seem to jump on the bandwagon a day late and a dollar short.

Now if you are like me and you are short on the moo-lah, never fear, the solution is right there in your own craft room! Here are some pics from a Junk journal I created a few years ago. The little zippered album was by Bazzill and the vertical format was so much fun for a change of pace.

Junk Journal

Might you be asking yourself “what is all that junk in there?” and “how does she keep all that stuff from falling out?” and “what are those doo-hickies on the edge?”. And those are great questions.

Let’s peruse my fun junk: stir sticks from favorite drinks and restaurants, business cards and moo cards from some of my favorite artists, special ticket stubs like the time I got to see Miss Saigon in Chicago, receipts from Thanksgiving grocery shopping, return addresses ripped from Christmas card envelopes, tags off a special purchase, old plastic work badges from when I actually made a salary, achievement ribbons from my children, favorite Gary Larson comic from a daily desk calendar, a tiny blue hair barrette leftover from my daughter’s toddler years (back when she didn’t have an hair to clip it in), movie ticket stubs, and more movie ticket stubs, a transparent blue plastic spoon from the first time we had ice cream in Seaside, Florida, of course feathers because I am always picking up feathers, the throw-away paper wrappers that go around the silverware and napkin (in restaurants that use paper napkins), and even the bizarre foil safety seal off of my Nutella jar (because it was gold and shiny and looked cool cut into the shape of a heart) and my list goes on and on. and on.

Junk Journal

to attach all my stuff: scrapbooker’s tape-runner, staples in a variety of colors, my daughter’s hair barrettes used like paper clips, and let’s not forget the paper clips, especially the extra, extra, large paper clip with a ribbon tied on it, and the round paper clip in the prettiest of pale blues, and safety pins and straight pins that have hearts on the end (Heidi Swapp), bobby pins with buttons strung through them, extra large brads and tiny little brads, Golden Gel Medium, and even thread and needle.

Junk Journal

to hold all my stuff: pockets made from a variety of materials including a piece of art from a Traci Bautista class, clear packaging glued into a pocket, empty plastic badge holder, cardstock tag glued on two sides so things can be slipped in behind it, envelopes with handwriting that brings tears to my eyes when I see holds special love notes from my children, rectangular strip of cardstock glued on opposite ends so tickets can be tucked behind and all the way through allowing me to read both ends of the tickets, the clear packaging from a fortune cookie, carefully opened and saved and reused as an envelope for tucking.

Junk Journalbut what about all those little 3-dimensional objects that don’t have a home? well, glue it or pin it or tuck it right on in there. I have orphaned buttons from favorite outfits (ok, my daughter’s baby outfits), my son’s tin/plastic sheriff’s badge, packaging from my child’s waxed cardboard drink box because, well, it had a cool graphic on it, a button pin from (so sad they are gone), oh and a bunny shaped hair barrette, a green glass glob attached with gel medium for keeping it on there forever, dangling heart charms safety pinned to the edge, graphically cool tags ripped out of our clothing, whether we were wearing them at the time or not, pooh bear and piglet applique, Junk Journalthe tiniest cutest adorable plastic green frog, no bigger than 1/2 inch, confiscated from my children’s floor, because I simply must have that, tart pink silk ribbon tied to my favorite chocolate martini recipe so that it will never get lost in the book of junk, an aged brass jingle bell which loves to tinkle at the slightest movement, and my most favorite piece of junk of memories, the sweetheart wings that I received from a special fella back from my collage days.

Wow, the list above is only a sampling of the things that we find around our homes and purses and office drawers. Under the bed and the soon to be trash pile. When we take our paper trail of life and place it amongst others of its kind, we elevate it from pure trash to the collective memories and tug on our heart strings and makes us go awhhh.

I still find myself adding little bits and pieces to it. So y’all go on and empty out your junk drawers ;) Then come on back here and share with us what you’ve found. Find a lot to tell us about or the single little thing that stood out most. What’s the one thing you can never throw away, but you don’t know what to do with it. Share with us. Because, let’s face it we’re nosy and we love to hear about how other people see, think, and feel about the kinds of stuff we love.

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