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SBG Blog Train Christmas Freebie

Merrrrrrrry Christmas!

Hop on board and follow the tracks to pick up a ton of beautiful digital Christmas goodies. When the Christmas dust settles, I would love to see the layout you make with the train goodies!

Never done a train before? Be sure to click on the Freebie image to download my portion of the freebie. Then, visit the next blog on the train and pick up their Christmas goodie. And so on, until you come all the way around back to me!

Happy Holidays everyone!


If you find the train a little confusing, I have included below a list of the participants. Oh,  we absolutely love to hear your comments so we know that everyone is enjoying the ride!

1. Flergs
2. Tangie
3. sussieM
4. Baers Garten Designs
5. Manu
6. Charlize
7. Dawn
8. Vendula
9. Berna
10. Jen
11. Wendy
12. Fhung
13. Lor
14. Małgosia
15. Emilie
16. Sherrie
17. Lorie
18. Thaty
19. Julia

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