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Are We THERE Yet?– Travel Journals



Sooo, where have you been lately? I mean, what fabulous or interesting place have you visited?

Was it a long distance trip, day trip or  a journey of the mind??? Or maybe even a journey of your heart?? Traveling is so much fun, so  much that we see and experience lends itself to artful expression! 

What’s a travel journal you may ask?

From Wikipedia:  A travel journal, also called road journal or travelogue, is a record made by a voyager. Generally in diary form, a travel journal contains descriptions of the traveler’s experiences, is normally written during the course of the journey, intended on updating friends or family on the journey.

Do you have a travel journal? Why have a travel journal??

I just started one from two road trips taken this past month- one from the Carolinas to Indiana and then on to Missouri. We traveled through 4 mountain ranges! I love the mountains, at least until you get to the top of them- those tiny windy roads give me the jitters; but the views are breathtaking.I love the people that I meet while traveling too!

This month’s Journal Journey is a seasoned art journal-er, Phizzychick (or Georgina Ferrans) , who is sharing some of her pages from “Gastonbury“- – her travel journal about that fun festival.

I love her style and that she shared how she paints the background of her journal in advance, and then adds images and details onsite. I love too that she uses old books to make her journals… more on that topic coming up in future Journal Journeys!

Let’s meet her and take a look at her pages!

“So, the book I used for this project was an old Ladybird book. I like working in these because there aren’t too many pages, the paper is great to hold watercolours and they generally have nice illustrations that add to the background layering. All of the backgrounds are watercolour, although I do sometimes use acrylic to whitewash a page if the text and picture would interfere with my plans for the page, as in page 4 with the clouds.










I like to prepare my pages before I go anywhere so I can travel lighter and just work on the fun stuff!

Lots of the bits and pieces used in this book were collected at Glastonbury Festival. The little page on photo 5 for example was a little info booklet that I glued in at the end of the day.

On page 8, all the collaged elements were cut and torn from a magazine and flyer for that particular area of the festival.

Sometimes I think the pages work almost as prompts for the mind. I can look at pages like this and just reading the words “cow pinata” take me back to that one moment at the festival and I can picture all the crazy sights and sounds. Sometimes you don’t need to record all the days events on a page. Just the odd comment or sketched picture can be enough.”

And a few more pages:


PhizzyChick’s Blog

Thank you,  Georgina for sharing with us! I am really inspired to get away from the computer and do more hands on art!

Here is a final page that is my personal favorite from her book:


I hope you enjoyed seeing some Travel Journals, and that if you make one of your own, you will share it with us here at Altered Hearts! You may leave your info in the cooments, or email ME (Amanda)  at outsidetheboxdesignstudio   at gmail  dot com. I’d LOVE to  publish  your pages here!!

Thanks and credits to Sherrie JD for the use of her kits Tangled for the borders and Altered States for my page!
















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  1. Sherry P says:

    Great article, Amanda! I ‘m a dedicated travel journaler, so this subject is dear to my heart.

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