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Bug Collector – An Assemblage Tutorial

My husband and children are ALWAYS bringing me little oddities they find when they are out and about. Since I needed to write a tutorial for the Muse this month about assemblage, I decided to gather up all my little critters and assemble them in this box I picked up from Michael’s. Since my article was pulled from the Muse, I thought sharing it here in Altered Hearts was a great idea.

The following are the steps I took to get to the final showcase.

1. paste old newspaper or telephone book pages randomly all over wood box. Use a bone folder or awl to get the pages down into the cracks. Let dry.

2. Using watered-down off-white paint, cover box with a light coat of paint. Let dry. Repeat until desireddoneness.

3. Cover glass with scrap paper and spritz the outside with Walnut Ink. Before Walnut Ink dries, spritz again with water. Use paper towel to blot, smudge, and smear ink until outside looks old and worn. Repeat process inside.

4. Plan out where each element will go. Once everything has a place, use a camera phone to document where everthing is so it will be easy to re-assemble. When working with fragile pieces, the less handling the better.

5. Begin glueing items in place. While I recommend E6000 glue for assemblage, I didn’t have any on hand. So I went ahead and used my PVA glue. PVA is more liquid and the drying time will be greatly increased. It will ultimately hold as well as the E6000, but more patience is required.

 6. To gain depth, I used a vintage newspaper and created padding for some of the elements. The butterfly seen on this page actually has a bit of rolled-up newspaper underneath to provide support.

7. Once I finished glueing everything in place, I pulled out my old scrapbook supplies. Assuming rub-ons would work on the surface of the glass without a problem, I was surpised at how difficult it was to get them to adhere.Using quite a bit of pressure, I used a pencil to rub the letters on and it eventually worked. Lift the edge of the rub-on to make sure it is sticking and then keep rubbing and lifting until the entire letter is attached. If there is a problem, just scrape it off with a fingernail or paint scraper and try again.With patience it will work.

8. Using a Sharpie Water Based Poster Paint Pen, I wrote ”collector” directly on the glass. Once it is completely dry, I will place it in my bookcase as a reminder of how much my family thinks of me when they see a dead bug. :)


I would love to say thank you to our weekly sponsor, a couple of ladies that make really INCREDIBLE artsy kits, Vivienne and Vanessa, known as VivaArtistry. Absolutely beautiful! Be sure to click on their banner up at the top and check out their store. We love to support our digi artists.


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2 Responses to Bug Collector – An Assemblage Tutorial

  1. anneofalamo says:

    aaaaaaaaaaah I love the ViVas! this is wonderful! they are beyond awesome and a collab between ya’ll would be like an overdose is awesome!

  2. sherrieJD says:

    oh Anne, great idea. hmmmmm….

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