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Creating Beautifully Textured Papers

I love textured papers.  I simply can’t get enough of them.  I love making them too.  It is so fun to see something turn from plain to fantastic with a few easy steps.  This tutorial will tell you how to get from a plain and bright paper to a distressed and vintage paper.

Step 1: Open a new file.  Make sure it is 300 dpi and 12 x 12 inches  (or 3600×3600 pixels)

Step 2:  Get together the texture and grunge overlays you plan on using to create your page.  You will also need to have some messy brushes.

Step 3: put the textures and grunge layers onto your page over the color or pattern of your choice.  You can put them in whatever order you want, but I usually put a textured overlay on the very top.  You can see that I have put several layers of textures and grunge layers.

Step 4: Put a layer in between each grunge and texture layer (or 2 or 3) and one on the very top, these are the layers you will play with your brushes on. Clicking on the layer you wish to have a layer added above, and then the add layer is a quick and easy way to add layers to your project.

Step 5: Place brushes haphazardly on the layer, using different shapes and sizes on each layer.

It is easier to see what you are doing if you have all the other layers invisible. Make the layers invisible by clicking on the eye next to each layer. Make sure the layer you are working on is selected. 

The color on the top of your color palette will be what you will be “painting” with (See the circled part on the right of the image below).


Step 6: Go through each layer and change the blending mode to suite your fancy

(A).  You may wish to change the opacity as well

(B).  You can also change the colors of your overlays or textures by pressing ctrl-u and clicking the colorize button

(C) and then changing the saturation and lightness

(D) to fit the color you wish (which will be in the top color in the palette – E).

Step 7:  Add additional texture and distressing by adding more brushes to the top layer.  You can either change the blending mode and/or opacity or leave as is, depending on your wishes.

Step 8: Save as a jpeg file and enjoy your work.


End Result

 *Items used in this tutorial: Inked Damask paper template – Scrap girls, brushes and overlays – myself, gesso brushes, studio box – Tangie Baxter.

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