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Kelly Rae Roberts

I came across Kelly Rae Roberts’ stuff a couple years ago at a little shop near my house. I loved the sentiments, the girly look, and all the beautiful texture I could see. I didn’t realize just how much she sells until I got a copy of the March/April Somerset Studio magazine, which had Kelly Rae as their artist portfolio. After reading more about her work and personal life, I had to find her on the internet. I did a search and found her wonderful site. She has a blog along with several different ways to see her products and buy them.

Kelly Rae’s work tends to be focused on women with their head slightly tilted. I had always wondered why she did that, and I found out in a video she has on her June 22, 2011 blog entry. She indicates that when people are talking to a close friend and really engaged in listening to them, they tend to have their necks tilted to listen. What a great idea and it is wonderful that she adds little touches like that to her work.

Kelly Rae is a mixed media artist. All of her work has luscious combinations of torn paper and paint. If you look at the details of her work, you can see layer after layer of goodies. They make me drool when I look at them. She also adds beautiful sentiments to each of her projects. Words that come from the heart and have a lot of meaning. Truly amazing, heartfelt work. Kelly Rae does a great job at making the women in her portraits have heart and emotions shining through the paint.

I mentioned earlier that she has a large variety of products out there to sell. She has a shop you can go to on her site to view them all. She has matted prints, canvases, bookmarks, calendars, notebooks, coffee mugs, magnet boards, cards, figures, laptop and ipod skins and so much more. You have to go check them out.

Kelly Rae has a book available right now that I am drooling over. I have to have it, and will probably write a review on the book after I have read it. It is called Taking Flight: inspiration and techniques to give your creative spirit wings. She describes her creative process, including techniques. She also has prompts to get your creative juices flowing and information from contributing artists that are inspiring. You can check out her book here.

One of the amazing things about Kelly Rae is her journey from being a mental health therapist at a hospital to a well known artist with her items being sold all over. She has such an incredible story and you can read all about her journey here. It really makes me want to give it a try. I am just in awe at her ability to overcome her fear of doing something new and just giving it her best attempt and creating a huge success with her efforts. If only I could get up the nerve to do something like this.

She is currently doing an e-course called Flying Lessons: tips and tricks to help your creative business soar. It starts on the 7th, and includes advice and information on how you can make your dream of making money through your art happen. She has an e-book as well that has all the information without having to go through the course. You can find out all the information about this course here. Again, I am drooling over this. If only I had limitless amounts of money so I could buy all her stuff and her books. I am telling you, I am in love with her work.


*all images used with permission from Kelly Rae’s site.¬† I do not receive any remuneration for this blog post.


P.S. Keep a look out for a tutorial the second Monday in September on how to make beautifully textured papers using photoshop.



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  1. KRR has inspired me to be brave in so many ways. I’m continually inspired by and pumped up to keep going when I read her blog and watch her videos. I call her one of my mixed media angels, there are a whole bunch of them…. women who have found a unique voice through making mixed media art. It is more than being an artist it is being a visionista and in Kelly’s words a “possibilitarian”. I hope to become a licensee before the end of 2011, wish me luck!

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