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Introducing “Journal Journeys”

Welcome to Altered Hearts!

Today we debut a new feature of the blog that will occur every first Wednesday of the month. Journal Journeys will explore the many types of art journals out in the creative world, give a few prompts and hopefully inspire you to investigate and create a journal of your very own!

Here are just a few of the types of journals we will discuss here over the coming months:

  1. Sketch Journals
  2. Altered Book Journals
  3. Family Journals
  4. Travel Journals
  5. Self Discovery Journals
  6. Photo Journals
  7. Heritage Journals
  8. “This is My Life” Journals
  9. Faith Journals

If you as a reader have some pages from these types of journals that you would like to share, please leave a comment and your email address or link to your blog/site and they will be gladly considered for use in this feature!

Our theme for August is Portraits. There are so many ways to create a self portrait, including digital work. I made a fun self portrait from my Self Discovery Journal that uses digital work, watercolors, ink and paper. I hid some things inside the corset, and text under the petals.


Looking forward to sharing more journaling with you-

and hopefully you will link us up with YOUR pages and creations!

SHARE Your Journal Journey PAGES with Us:

Until next month,

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3 Responses to Introducing “Journal Journeys”

  1. Enchanted says:

    Love this idea!! Can’t wait to read it each month and be inspired.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Another great type of journal is one of quotes. I’ve been working on something of the sorts lately.

  3. sherrieJD says:

    I love the idea of a Quotes Journal. I haven’t dedicated a journal to one yet, but I love looking for quotes to add to my regular one. Great idea Caroylyn!

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